1. What brought you to the current position in CCBVL?

I am now a Management Trainee. Getting to this position is quite a journey. The journey started since filling in the application form, attending 5 stressful rounds of recruitment, then stormy days and months of sales all over the North and today in HCM, in Trade Marketing Department. The journey includes all kinds of emotions accompanied by precious lessons that solidify the path I aim at. It is said that coming to Coke is my fate and sticking to it is my choice that I never regret.

2. What makes CCBVL a great place to work?

For me, perhaps the greatest thing in Coke is the empowerment. In Coke, although you are a young new beginner to the job, you will be devotedly advised by experienced employees, then be assigned to a new project or tasks that require skills and experiences and take full responsibility for it. This is really better than any other courses because you are accepted to fail and learn from your own failures. Coke is that great!

3. What advice can you give to those who want to apply for the Commercial Department?

After 1 year in the Commercial Department, I think for new beginners, the most important thing is to prepare an active attitude and willingness to change for adaptation and a “can-do” spirit as there will be countless challenges and difficulties in the journey where above “luggage” will guaranty the journey in the most safety way as possible. The remaining is enjoying the ride.