1. What do you like most about your job?

Among things I like, I think there are two key points:

Firstly, the Company has established a professional and working culture that gives me a feeling of coming home even my job is full of challenges and pressures and the feeling makes me overcome those.

Secondly, the Company has given several opportunities in various fields so that each individual like me may experience, explore and develop myself.

2. How have you developed your career at CCBVL?

I am supposed to say that when I was almost to graduate in early 1995, I was lucky to be given a chance to become an official member of Coca-Cola, a well-known brand, as a training assistant in the HR Department. After one year, I moved to an assistant to Director of Cool Beverage and Targeted Customers. More than 2 years after that, I transferred to an assistant to Marketing Director. Almost 3 years later, I moved to the Sales Department as a Business Analyst. Early 2005, I decided to go out to explore the market by accepting a challenge of becoming a Sales Leader (TSM now). nearly 6 months later, like a fate of my career, I was interviewed by the Company and appointed to be the North Finance Accounting Manager and later on, as requested by the Company, I concurrently took charge the North Procurement Department and Central Finance Department for a while. The reason might be at every transition I do not give much thoughts or doubts, I believe in the Company’s decisions and just move on with the best attempt.

Everyone should be surprised and wonder working in finance requires experiences and professional certificates. I do not deny it. However, the fact proves that in any aspect, only with a will to grow, a hard working and determined attitude, you may learn from your boss, colleagues and together with your preparation and supplementation of international professional licenses, you will step by step overcome challenges.

3. What will you advise those who apply for the Finance Department?

I admire the youth, together with the country development, the educational growth and integration, they are equipped with sufficient skills, knowledge and well educated of languages than my generation and I believe they will have a higher, faster and further leverage to success than my generation. My only advice is:

- If you want to become a key member of any company or organization, you should work hard and have a sense of responsibility for a sufficient period of time to prove your contribution to and accompany with the Company’s development.

- Coca-Cola has all departments from Production Chain, Supply, Commercial, Sales, HR, Finance, Procurement, IT. It is not sure if your current day job has your potential to boost your best so that you need a further perspective and a bigger dream for the best opportunity maximizing your potentials and try to challenge yourself in completely new areas.