1. Please share us your career path at CCBVL

The 10 years’ working at CCBVL has offered me lots of values in my career path, enhanced my experience and professional skills in big projects, given me opportunities of leadership training in global courses, of working with several talented and enthusiastic colleagues, of devoting for a challenging but exciting multi-nationalism environment.

2. Can you tell a great thing of CCBVL that outsiders may not know

All of us are representatives of Coca-Cola. The image of Coca-Cola products represents in our jobs and our daily lives beside our families and our friends.

3. What do you advise those apply for the HR Department?

If you believe the HR Department is a strategic partner of other departments in a company, not only professional skills, interaction skills and dedication but also strategic logic, creativity and devotion are required, welcome to Coca-Cola HR Department.