1. How do you describe your job to your friends and family?

To Coca-Cola, Channel Activation Manager

To myself, a challenging and experienced job

To my friends, a super great job like a hero to rescue the world

To my family, no description because they will not get it even I describe it. They are just happy when I have got a job.

2. Why do you choose to work at CCBVL?

At my first thought, I would like to work for a well-known company where everyone will know it when I mention it and as this is the first company that I work for, I am not so stressful with thoughts of how the job will be, how the environment will be, yet fortunately, my life is cool as Coca-Cola is more “shining” than what I thought.

3. Share a great thing of CCBVL that you think people may not know

Do you think it is great when a graduate may make decisions on a million-dollar project or an opportunity of promotion to a management position after only 2 years? If you think yes, it is the great thing that I would like to share with you!