1. What do you like most about your job?

- Giving ideas and unlimitedly applying them in my daily work to improve my own value and the company's value.
- The job always requires new achievements to create my own dynamics without boring.

2. What is your typical day at CCBVL?

- Setting daily and weekly schedules based on priorities identified in the period.
- Meeting and communicating with departments and vendors to accomplish the set plans.
- Discussing and updating the work schedule with my senior level.

3. What makes CCBVL a great working environment?

- Working at CCBVL is a process of continuous learning, a place where as one day goes by, a new knowledge should be explored and mastered.
- In CCBVL, challenges appear every day to make the work fresher even for the same position for a long time.
- The working style of high empowerment enhances the employees' confidence in proving their abilities - the one thing that colleges and soft courses cannot offer.