1. Why do you choose to work at CCBVL?

During my college course, I specialized in Administration and Marketing. Therefore, Coke's advertisement campaigns in Vietnam and abroad always made me feel interested and impressive for their creativeness. How could a beverage of 130 years' development still make people feel enthusiastic and await for its campaigns? How credible! My interest in Coke came since then.

In addition, during my entrance examination for Coke, I got shared with several cultures, the Company's vision, those really inspired me strongly and I also received advice on my development itinerary. The Company frankly pointed out my opportunities and shortcomings that I could grow and how Coke environment would improve me.

The happiest memory I could remember in the final interview with the Management, overcoming lots of challenges, the Country Sales Manager at that time said: "No need to wait for the results. You're selected. Welcome to Coke!

Til now I am fully satisfied with my decision on that day.

2. What do you like most about your job?

In Coca-Cola, there are only two main jobs - selling and sales support.
Throughout my working time in Coke, I mainly work in the Sales Department and this place has given me lots of experiences and feelings. There are some things that I really like in the current job:

  • A chance to learn and grow without limits

    Only after 1 year, I had a chance to travel and work in several regions all over the country such as Hanoi, Nghe An - Ha Tinh, Danang -Hoi An and Can Tho. In every region, I was assigned a different job, I met and got dedicated guidance from mentors, experienced employees who were ultimately ambitious and passionate about their jobs. I realized the difference between a big company and a great one. At a great company, not only young employees were passionate and eager for work, there are those who have almost spent their lives at Coke, after over 20 years’ dedication for the Company, they still wish to contribute for the Company like before.

    At Coke, I have got opportunities and been encouraged to do everything I believe it is right. Its output may not be truly good but no one will blame you since they know you do it wishing the Company better.

    The principle of training is very efficient. 10% of the knowledge I learned and was guided in courses. 20% of it comes from colleagues and even my juniors (Everyone we meet will be our teacher in a typical aspect) and the balance 70% comes from the training in the harsh market. The mastered knowledge will always be applied in the fastest way from classes to practice and it will help you grow faster that you ever imagine.

  • The job is always challenging and pushes you to an upper limit

    Sales and sales admin is really a challenging and practical job yet very exciting. Your attempts and trials are clearly proved by your job performance and outputs. The difference between good and capable sellers and lazy ones is distinguished over time. Your ability will be proved if you have true passions, enthusiasm and absolute persistence.

    Continuous work pressure will push yourself to an upper limit and help you to step out of your safe zone, smash away prejudices and think about “unchangeable things” in the market. It is the moment when you recognize how far you have made.

    Most importantly, a swallow cannot make the spring. To complete the job, I have always recruited, trained and developed potential sellers, understood them and inspired them, hence, they will desire and attempt together with you to develop the market. The best win is winning with your teammates.

  • Opportunities to meet, connect and expand relationships

    My job at Coke enables me with chances to meet and communicate with all types of people from various social classes. They can be a tea lady, a shop owner, a retailer with giant stocks, a restaurant or resort manager. Each of them owns a personality, a story that helps me to enrich my living experience, cultural diversity of each region and how to behave accordingly. What’s more amazing?

Those are reasons why every day I feel excited and fresh to start my work.

3. What advice can you give those who want to apply for the Sales Department?

In my opinion, if you are young and desire to learn from the smallest things, desire to prove your ability, aspire to grow fast, Coca-Cola Sales Department will perfectly fit you.

When you join Coke Sales Department, Coke does not require your experiences and knowledge in good and excellent certificates. The only thing you are required is an active attitude, a desire of growing and contribution. You will be trained with other things by the best people in Coke.

Sales is a great combination of science and art, a harmony between left brain and right brain. A positive attitude, devotion and enthusiasm, courage and a spirit of responsibility are things you will learn from the Sales Department.