Next Generation Leader


Coca-Cola Next Generation Leaders (NGLs) program is a strategic approach to build talents, who help the Coca-Cola system achieve the goals outlined in our 2020 Vision, by attracting and recruiting potential young graduate (with minimal work experience).

NGLs are always paid attention and supported for best development opportunities by the management board, and can bring your energy and enthusiasm of youth throughout the CCBVL.


  • Worked for the most famous global brand
  • Worked in a professional international environment
  • Trained in professional and leadership skills
  • Transferred between functions and departments for Further Learning Opportunities
  • Trained and worked in projects abroad
  • Advised by senior leaders
  • Learnt more valuable professional knowledge
  • Appointed to challenging positions at the successful conclusion of the program


You will be extremely excited and interested in taking part in the fast and challenging recruitment process called "Speed Dating"!!!

Round 1: Application

Please send your CV to us. Remember to make a great KISSS (Keep It Impressive, Short, Simple & Specific) !!!!!!

Round 2: Capacity Test

By the online proficiency test, you will have the opportunity to show your intellectual strength and logical thinking. Whether or not you are successful final results are provided for your future career options.

Round 3: Preliminary Interview  

This is an opportunity for you to express your strengths, shares, dreams and ambitions from which, in addition to our assessments, we are delighted to advise you on the career development and orientation.

Round 4: Comprehensive Assessment

A real workplace situation of obstacle has been prepared for you to prove and solve. Such situation also gives you an initial look at the business situation and its challenges. With creative thinking and versatile, are you ready to use your 150% speed, knowledge and intellectual strength to overcome this challenge?

Candidates in Hanoi and Da Nang will gather in Ho Chi Minh City to participate in this activity.

Round 5: Final Interview

This is a rare opportunity to see and to be shared and advised by Board of Directors who have many years of management experience and practical knowledge.


  1. Graduated within one year

  2. Grade Point Average (GPA) of 7.0 /10

  3. Having leadership, problem-solving, and decision-making skills

  4. Be confident, dynamic and enthusiastic

  5. Fluency in English  

  6. Fluency in  MS Office (Word, Excel, etc.)

  7. Willing to relocate for work


1. How many will Next Generation Leaders be recruited each year??

10 to 15 Next Generation Leaders will be recruited each year.

2. I live in Hanoi, can I apply for the position of Next Generation Leaders in Danang or HCMC?

Yes, you can. However, you shall cover the costs incurred (except for the Comprehensive Assessment and Final Interview Rounds).

3. If I were recruited as a Next Generation Leader, would I have the opportunity to work in abroad?

Next Generation Leaders will have the opportunity to learn in the country to get acquainted with the market and corporate culture before they have the opportunity to move deeper into the system. It depends on the international talent demand at that time as well as the Individual Development Plan.

4. Could I choose the department that I will work for? How do I know which department is best for me?

You can suggest the Department you want to work in the application.

You yourself decide what is the most appropriate department based on your academic preferences and priorities.

For more about the departments, please click here.

5. Could I apply for a position different from my major?

Absolutely! As long as you can prove your capability matching that department in the recruitment process.

6. How will the career path after 2 years of the Next Generation Leader program?

After 2 years, the qualified Next Generation Leaders will be appointed a challenging (primary) management position at the Company.

7. What is the difference between a Next Generation Leader and a graduate joining us through a normal recruitment process?

A Next Generation Leader will have the opportunity to undergo a comprehensive but challenging training and development process to prepare for future leadership. This is a short but arduous way to develop a career for a graduate.

8. Why is the training and development program for Next Generation Leaders special?

You will experience a world-class training system with a wide range of professional and leadership courses, as well as coaching and mentoring sessions from the senior leaders of the Company.

9. If I do not pass the Next Generation Leader program, would I have another chance to work for Coca-Cola??

Our company is expanding and you are welcome to apply for any position to join us. In addition, your profile will be saved for us to contact for appropriate vacancies.