Here’s the list of ingredients in Coca-Cola:

  • Carbonated water – Approximately 90% of Coca-Cola is water. The carbonated part is purified carbon dioxide, which gives the drink its “bubbles” or “fizz”.
  • Sugar – Coca-Cola Classic’s sweet taste (and also some of its mouthfeel) comes from sugar. Coca-Cola Zero Sugar and Diet Coke are sugar free, while Coca-ColaLife has a blend of sugar and stevia plant extract, a sugar-free sweetener from natural sources.
  • Caramel colour – A very specific caramel is made especially for Coca-Cola, to give the drink its characteristic colour.
  • Phosphoric Acid – The tartness of Coca-Cola comes from the use of phosphoric acid.
  • Caffeine – The slight bitterness in the taste of Coca-Cola comes from caffeine
  • Natural flavours – The essence of the secret formula of Coca-Cola is its blend of natural flavours. This is the most protected and secret part of the formula

Did you know? We now offer four colas: 1) Coca-Cola Classic, our original and iconic cola, 2)  Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, which mow tastes more like Coca-Cola Classic but without the sugar, 3) Diet Coke, which is also sugar and calorie free, 4) Coca-Cola Life, a lower sugar cola sweetened with sugar and stevia plant extract.

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