• Continues to implement global initiatives and social enterprise models to improve community life and develop local women's capabilities, and contributes to Thanh Toan Tile Bridge village’s tourism development
• 100 out of 4,270 gifts from Happy Tet by Coca Cola given to Thanh Toan villagers

Hue City, January 18, 2018 - Continuing the journey to support community development by sharing sustainable values, improving the capabilities of local women, and bringing the Lunar New Year to everyone, Coca-Cola Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Coca-Cola Vietnam) has inaugurated the EKOCENTER at Thanh Toan Tile Bridge, Hue City. This center will provide safe drinking water as well as other utilities to the community and be operated as a social enterprise by Hue Xanh.

Similar to EKOCENTER in other locations, EKOCENTER Hue will focus on three main objectives: safe drinking water, empowering woman and community facilities including refined safe drinking water, necessities, soft-skills training and online training, internet services, health, sports ...

Sanket Ray, Managing Director of Coca-Cola Vietnam, said: "EKOCENTER centers in the local areas are proving effective when they continuously bring benefits to the community such as providing clean water, increasing awareness of energy use and climate change, as well as business start-up programs that have gradually contributed to the economic mastery of local women. We are excited to partner with Hue Xanh Social Enterprise at EKOCENTER Hue to continue the mission of creating Coca-Cola's sustainable development values for the local community. "

Thanh Toan Tile Bridge is a community tourist site in Hue and has been selected by ASIA COMMUNITY as one of the three typical Vietnamese tourist villages in 2016. However, visitors do not usually stay here for long because the tourism services in the village are still limited. Therefore, the services and facilities provided at EKOCENTER will help to retain and attract tourists to Thanh Toan. This will create more opportunities for people to provide additional services and create sustainable development values for their communities as people's lives improve.

"In addition to the development of activities to contribute to and promote tourism in Thanh Toan Tile Bridge, EKOCENTER will be the place to organize training activities for local people. We hope that this will contribute to the improvement of people's lives, particularly in enhancing the economic capability of Thanh Toan women," said Mrs. Dang Thi Duong, Director of Social Welfare of Hue Xanh, president of the Women Entrepreneurs Association in Hue.

EKOCENTER is powered by green energy from solar panels installed on the roof of the kiosk. The center is equipped with a water purification system with a capacity of 6,000 liters per day to provide safe drinking water for local households. The computer lab at the center will also provide local children and women access to information, let them practice computer skills, and participate in online start-up training. Since then, it has helped to improve the capacity of economic for local women.

According to the social enterprise model, business activities in kiosks providing necessities, coffee and computer labs will be managed and operated by Hue Xanh according to the criteria of re-investment. A portion of the proceeds from the business will continue to be invested in the facilities, infrastructure and social programs of the Center in each period. In particular, vocational training such as barista, local guides, cooking, handicrafts, baking, etc. will contribute to sustainable values for the local community as a whole. It brings joy to Thanh Toan villagers.

At the inauguration ceremony, Coca-Cola Vietnam handed over 100 Tet gifts from the Happy Tet by Coca-Cola to the villagers of Thanh Toan. This is the annual activity of Coca-Cola since 2007 wherein every Tet holiday, Coca-Cola Vietnam will offer Tet gifts to hard-working families across the country with a warm and happy greeting to everyone. Over 21,000 gifts have been donated to the program. This year, more than 4,270 Happy Tet gifts will continue to be awarded with the total value of 2.5 billion VND.

EKOCENTER is a Coca-Cola community initiative that promotes public-private partnerships around the globe. In Vietnam, the first EKOCENTER center was launched in 2015; by the end of 2017, 09 EKOCENTER centers were established in Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang, Ha Long, Ben Tre, An Giang ,Dong Thap, Hue, and Ha Tinh. It is expected that 4 new centers will be built in 2018.
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