On June 26, 2018 Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue had a meeting with the Mr. Michael Goltzman, Vice President, Global Public Policy, Environmental Sustainability and Social Impacts of The Coca-Cola Company in Washington D.C., as an activity of his official visit to the United States between May 25 and 29, 2018. Together with the Deputy Prime Minister, participants in the meeting also includes Vice Minister of Planning and Investment Vu Dai Thang, Vice Minister of Industry and Trade Do Thang Hai and other senior officials from relevant ministries and government bodies.

In the meeting, Mr. Michael Goltzman shared the confidence in the bright future of Vietnam’s economy. He confirmed that Vietnam is an important market for Coca-Cola in the region. Being among the first American companies investing in Vietnam after the two countries normalize the bilateral relationship, Coca-Cola has invested nearly one billion US dollar in Vietnam up to date, becoming the largest US investor in the beverage industry of the country, creating 2,500 direct jobs and more than 20,000 indirect jobs for the local labors in the supply chain. As its global operational model, the Company has maximized the utilization of local materials and human resources. In 2017, Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam Company Ltd. is among the Top 100 corporate income tax payers, Top 4 sustainable companies, and Top 1 employer in Vietnam. Mr. Michael Golzman also shared with the Vietnamese delegation that Coca-Cola is working on reformulation of its products in order to increase nutrition value and reduce sugar and size of the products. The Company opens its support to the Vietnamese government to apply health labelling with information on the nutrition of the produts in order to help customers to make informed choices. Mr. Michael Goltzman hopes that the Government of Vietnam will continue maintaining a healthy business environment and stable tax policies so that the company can continue its investments in Vietnam.

Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue congratulated Coca-Cola for its achievements in Vietnam. The Deputy Prime Minister also highly appreciated corporate social responsibility and community support programs of Coca-Cola in Vietnam, the supports of Coca-Cola for the Government of Vietnam in holding APEC event in Danang in 2017, and its supports for small and medium enterprises to participate in the supply chain. The Deputy Prime Minister welcomed Coca-Cola’s initiative on reformulation of its products and health labeling. He opined that these intiatives reflect the Company’s responsibilities for the community.

The Deputy Prime Minister emphasized that the Government of Vietnam is spending significant efforts to create a transparent business environment and reduce administrative procedures for foreign invested enterprises to operate and develop in Vietnam. The Deputy Prime Minister also confirmed that the Government of Vietnam always listens and takes into consideration comments and recommendations from foreign invested enterprises during the process of developing tax policies and foreign investment in Vietnam.

Mr. Michael Goltzman expressed his appreciation for the comments of the Deputy Prime Minister and respectfuly invited him to visit the headquarter of Coca-Cola in Atlanta city. The Deputy Prime Minister acknowledged the invitation and promised to include it in his coming vísit to the United States.

The meeting ended in a friendly, opened and good will atmosphere.