Our publicly reported 2020 Sustainability Goals drive us to continually improve.

We aim to achieve our goals through a concerted effort by The Coca-Cola Company and nearly 250 bottling partners in more than 200 countries and territories. We have set ambitious goals to drive systemwide change beyond small operational improvements.

We do not own most of the companies that comprise our bottling system, but we feel it is important to strive for large-scale success and to provide leadership that will raise the bar for our system and our industry. We also have the opportunity to learn from our bottling partners, many of which have very advanced sustainability programs.

The dashboard below provides an overview of our 2020 Sustainability Goals.

Download our 2020 Sustainability Goals: Progress Update (PDF)

View our 2020 Sustainability Goals: Progress Tracker

2020 Sustainability Goals Progress Update 2016 Sustainability Report The Coca-Cola Company Infographic