Coca-Cola 2018 Food Fest, an event promoting Asian food culture with various art performances, entertainment programs, and many cuisines, created an opportunity for the youth in Ho Chi Minh City to explore the crazy rich Asian food culture.


Following the successful launch of earlier Food Fests
Responding to the huge success and the love for previous food festivals held in Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City (2017), Da Nang (2018), Food Fest has recently come back to Sai Gon with great changes and new fun. As a must-go destination for the youth, Food Fest now becomes an event that international tourists as well as all the foodies out there should not miss. This was a great opportunity to experience the cuisine, culture as well as many interesting social activities.
This year, Coca-Cola Vietnam has chosen to present 50 favorite cuisines on social media, creating a great social platform for 35,000 participants called Asian Street Food Festival. This event is one of the biggest Food Fests as it is not only a new place for many food enthusiasts to enjoy delicious dishes with Coca-Cola but also have all the guests experience closer the food culture from other different countries.

Bringing the whole Asia to Sai Gon

With a deep understanding of the young generation, Food Festival this year recreated a food tour experience from Korea to Thailand and Japan for 35,000 young attendees. Without further travelling and just by coming to Food Fest with a Coke Food Passport, they will have the opportunity to explore the culture of not only Vietnam but also its other Asian neighbors.Guests holding a valid “passport” can grab themselves a chance to go on a food tour right in the heart of the city.
Food Fest has therefore gone viral on social media with more than 30,000 discussions on multiple platforms. This well reflects the heat from 2018 Food Fest while it brings on the table new food experiences and breaks all borders to create an active platform specifically for the youth as well as for all the guests coming to Food Fest.

Connecting food with culture and arts
Visiting Food Fest, one would not only enjoy a vast choice of food and drinks or experience the food tour, but also be able to discover the beauty of Vietnam, Korea, Japan and our neighbor Thailand through many cultural activities. Visitors to the Food Fest were also immersed in art performances and traditional costumes from Thailand, Korea, Vietnam and Japan.
Through the celebration of Food Fest, Coca-Cola Vietnam hopes such events will help bring cultural values and the spirit of not only Vietnam but also other countries closer to the youth and give them a new experience through relevant and accessible activities.
Asian Street Food Festival this year has attracted 35,000 visitors to the event and widely spread on social media with huge interactions. The festival was also granted a nod as a great tourist destination and, above all, awaited by the youth for future Food Fest.