Since its entry into the Vietnam market, Coca-Cola Vietnam has firmly established its position as a key and trusted partner of Vietnam in achieving its vision of a highly integrated and competitive country, able to deliver sustainable and inclusive growth for its citizens. Coca-Cola Vietnam’s longstanding commitment to the development of Vietnam is reflected in its continuous investment in the country, beyond expanding operations and business-driven goals.

Recognizing its important role as a socially responsible corporate citizen, Coca-Cola has implemented various programs that support Vietnam’s economic growth and development goals, as well as positively impact the everyday lives of Vietnamese citizens. From creating wider access to clean and safe water for communities, helping develop local capabilities to ensure enterprise participation in the global value chain, and supporting women empowerment and successful entrepreneurship, Coca-Cola demonstrates its belief in creating shared value to achieving inclusive growth. 

Vietnam has been in the integration process to the global economy with a series of trade agreements signed and currently under negotiation processes. The importance of SMEs in Vietnam’s economic development is undisputed. By end of 2014, they account for 97.5% of the total number of enterprises in Vietnam, and account for about 45% of the country's GDP. 

The topic of SMEs is also one of the four priorities of the APEC Vietnam in 2017. Speaking at the opening of the 24th APEC Small and Medium Enterprises Ministerial Meeting in HCM City, Prime Minister Nguyễn Xuân Phúc said:” In order to achieve the objective of enhancing the competitiveness and innovation of SMEs, we need to co-operate to help businesses access the market and engage deeper with the global value chain, enable micro and SMEs to get access to new technologies, improve their management capacity and competitive edge, promote entrepreneurship and business ethics and develop a sustainable and environmentally friendly start-up eco-system to promote innovation by SMEs in the region.”

Coca-Cola Vietnam has also aligned itself with APEC priorities as part of its corporate sustainability strategy, which is to support Vietnamese SMEs to improve their business capabilities and enable them the opportunity to participate in the global value chain. Coca-Cola Vietnam has launched a program titled “Supporting SMEs in Vietnam for Sustainable Development” in cooperation with the VCCI’s Vietnam Business Council for Sustainable Development (VBCSD) and the US-ASEAN Business Council (USABC).

The project aims to improve the performance of SMEs by providing training and mentorship on supply chain management, business innovation, and corporate social responsibility. Businesses joining the program are able to apply the advanced knowledge and business model in operations.

Some 12 SMEs were selected to participate in VCCI’s training program to get mentorship from its consultants and experts, and eight were chosen as qualified to participate in Coca-Cola's supply chain consulting program, covering such areas as packaging, logistics, distribution and marketing, communications, technology, telecommunications and packaging. The training not only gave participants access to technology but also improved their governance, consulting, and business connections so that they can develop further.

Continuing its commitment to Vietnam’s socio-economic development, Coca-Cola has also invested more than US$7 million in community projects such as clean water supply, community capability improvement, disaster relief and e-learning start-up training courses organized at EKOCENTER community centers. These activities reflect the three key pillars of Coca-Cola sustainability priorities -- water, women, and wellbeing. 

In additions, Coca-coca Vietnam has been also contributing with positive support to the women empowerment. Specifically, last September in Hue, Coca-Cola Vietnam participated in the 2017 APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Women and the Economy of the 2017 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Conference by sharing more on its 5by20 program.

5by20 is Coca-Cola’s global initiative that aims to support the economic empowerment of 5 million women entrepreneurs throughout our value chain by 2020. Launched in 2010, the program has since provided 1.7 million women entrepreneurs in 64 countries with access to business skills training, financial services, assets, peer networks, and mentoring through our partnership and collaboration across the Golden Triangle of business, government, and civil society.

In Vietnam, Coca-Cola implements the 5by20 initiative through its flagship program EKOCENTER, where it hosts an e-learning training run together with the Vietnam Women’s Union and the Vietnam Women Entrepreneurship Council. E-learning enables the empowerment of women through practical business management training and highlighting the social enterprise model to build on the shared values of business and society.

The 5by20 e-learning programs aim to reach 2,000 women across Vietnam by the end of 2017. Together with Women Entrepreneurs Council (VWEC), Coca-Cola plans to continue rolling out the program to three regions in the country, focusing on women at the EKOCENTER. 

Stacey Valy Panayioutou, Global Head of Talent and Development for The Coca-Cola Company speaks at the 2017 APEC Public-Private Dialogue on Women and the Economy, held on September 28 in Hue

The inauguration of EKOCENTER Dong Thap - Vietnam’s 7th EKOCENTER first to use social enterprise model

Mr. Le Hoang Dan, Indochina Procurement Manager of Coca-Cola, and 12 Vietnamese SMEs invited to visit Coca-Cola Vietnam factory