2019 marked a successful year for the Vietnam team with 5 wins at the MMA Smarties Awards

The Vietnam team made a huge splash at this year’s MMA Smarties Awards, organized by the Vietnam Mobile Marketing Association, and the world’s only mobile marketing awards that honors innovation, creativity and success in mobile advertising.

Specifically, Coca-Cola was recognized as the Best Brand of the Year in Vietnam, having been shortlisted in seven categories, and racking up four wins, including three gold medals.   

Below is the full list of awards that Coca-Cola won at the MMA Smarties Awards 2019:

  • Brand of the Year: Coca-Cola
  • Gold in Brand Awareness category: Fuzetea+
  • Gold in Promotion category: Coca-Cola Vietnam Promotion
  • Gold in Cross Media category: Coca-Cola Uplift – AFF Suzuki Cup Activation using Augmented Reality technology.
  • Bronze in Innovation category: Coca-Cola Uplift - AFF Suzuki Cup Activation using Augmented Reality technology.

Specifically, two of our 2018-2019 campaigns were recognized at the event: the Fuzetea+ “Song in a Bottle” and the Coca-Cola Uplift campaigns. We are now awaiting the results of MMA APAC where these two initiatives have been shortlisted along with the country winners from the rest of the region.

“At Coca-Cola, we always aim to challenge ourselves in order to go beyond the status quos, to become better. We are driven by creativity and leverage on technologies to innovate how we communicate and engage with our consumers, shares Mr. Le Tran Quynh Anh – IMC manager – Digital Head Coca-Cola Indochina, “Our wins at the MMA 2019 Smarties Awards is a testament to the team’s hard work and encourages us to seek out even newer innovations.”

Below are the two highlights of the winning cases.

The Fuzetea+ “Song in a Bottle campaign”: Perfect fusion of music and tech trends

The much-loved YouTube leaderboard topper Fuzetea+ “Song in a Bottle” won Gold in the Brand Awareness category. Responding to low brand and product awareness, and even weaker trials, this creative and innovative approach transformed the brand’s story in Vietnam after three months.

Competitive Spending on TV for the Tea Category is high in Vietnam. As an explorer brand with barely less 10% vs the competitor’s media budget, FuzeTea+ needed an out of the box approach to drive awareness and engage with the young target market.  Given that Vietnamese Urban youngsters (15-29 y/o) spend 1.5x more time with their mobile phones than sitting infront of the TV; and 65% of them are heavy music listeners, we launched a mobile-first, non-TV campaign.  The campaign uniquely delivered the concept of Fuzetea+ in a fusion song featuring 3 genres of music to represent the drinks 3 ingredients.

The Fuzetea+ Song combined the ballad, K-pop, and rap genres, symbolizing a Fuzetea+ ingredient: Tea, Peach and Chia seeds, and was performed by three popular singers, Truc Nhan, Suni Ha Linh and Karik. Each singer. The song itself, meanwhile, talks about the world of tea, peach and chia seeds, representing our products in a very entertaining way.

The song was made exclusively available to those who bought Fuzetea+ and scanned its bottle’s logo. Unique image scanning technology was used to imbed the song in the bottle. Further, unsuspecting users near convenient stores received geo-targeted video calls from the celebrity singers, urging them to buy and scan the bottle of Fuzetea+. The campaign generated unprecedented buzz and all brand and trial KPIs were surpassed.

With its unique approach, the campaign reached the following KPIs:

  • 10K scans on mobile experience in the first two weeks after the launch
  • 27 million views for the music video
  • The top spot in the Asia-Pacific YouTube Ads Leaderboard in December 2018
  • Generating 48,238 buzz on social which is 3 time more than the closest competitor are some of the impressive achievements that the song has achieved

Apart from campaign KPIs, the brand metrics boomed as well. After the three-month campaign, Fuzetea+ reached historical growth by

  • Doubling total brand awareness (from 23% to 54%),
  • Growing product trial rate by 8 times (from 3% to 23%)
  • Increasing value shares by 23%.

With very limited budget, and no TV exposure, the campaign showed how creativity and innovative technology use can positively impact brand and business results.

Coca-Cola Uplift campaign: National pride fueled by Augment Reality (AR)

The AR experience-driven Coca-Cola Uplift campaign, meanwhile, won Gold and Bronze in the Cross-Media and Innovation categories, respectively. By implementing this campaign, Coca-Cola successfully used AR in an integrated campaign. It created a new format for consumer engagement and integrated packaging, using mobile to leverage the mobile-first consumer behavior.

Before this campaign, Coca-Cola was seeing a continuous decline in brand love for the previous six months. Stemming and reversing this decline was important. The business objective was to increase brand love for Coca-Cola by utilizing football, which is a source of great excitement for Vietnamese teens and young adults. As a sparkling beverage leader and a Vietnam football team sponsor, Coca-Cola wanted to utilize this passion to engage them.

The brand used a unique AR video where the footballers scored a goal and broke into the signature Coca-Cola ‘jig dance’, making it available to viewers who scanned the Coca-Cola logo on cans. Fans who scanned and viewed the video also got the opportunity to create their own videos of them dancing with the footballers, and profile avatars of them supporting the team. As it did not use an app, it was the first web-based AR activation in Vietnam.

Within 25 days of the football tournament, this innovative use of technology led to great business results:

  • Coca-Cola brand love increased by 2 points.
  • More than 8,000 scans with 3,500 changes in profile photos.
  • Part of Top 5 brands which achieved Social Media buzz during the football tournament.