Coca-Cola Vietnam is not only one of the most desirable companies to work for, but also the most popular employer in 2017. The "Cokers" are very proud of their place of work. Check out what the Cokers say about Coke’s working environment.
"My 8-hour work day is not just about checking emails and doing my work; it is also the time to develop myself and take the challenge,” shared Thanh Van of the legal department staff, a young talent from the Next Generation Leaders program three years ago. When asked what makes her feel proud of Coca-Cola, she was not hesitant to talk about the culture of empowerment here. "I cannot say whether this is the best place or not, but this is the most suitable place for young people like me. At Coca-Cola, you will have the opportunity to do what you think is right, you will be empowered in the right way, you will have the opportunity to come up with ideas and implement them. This is where you can learn from your imperfections.”

Van (lady in white blouse, standing in the middle) with colleagues at the Coca-Cola office
“The empowerment culture at Coca-Cola has given me a chance to do things that I did not think, at the level of my work, I have the opportunity to try. However, we also need a plan to address the risks that may arise because every initiative has certain risks and we need to control it. For nearly three years at Coke, I began as a trainee in the Legal & Public Affairs Department and, being challenged, experienced a variety of different activities. For me, the most memorable time is when I was asked to work in Hanoi for 6 months to support a specialist during maternity leave. At that time, being in Public Affairs Communication (PAC), I had the opportunity to work directly with government agencies on an important project of the company. I experienced new tasks, being able to explore my capabilities and surpass limits. It is my honor to join our COO in receiving an award from the government for this project. This is the time that I find most valuable in my career when my efforts were recognized.”

Van also excitedly told me about the community activities that she and her colleagues have been involved in apart from professional work, such as participating in the company’s social activities as well as supporting EKOCENTER to bring clean drinking water to people, giving Tet gifts to disadvantaged people, etc. She had a chance to learn more about culture and life in the regions across Vietnam as well as associate with colleagues and communities.

Not only Van, but almost all young Cokers also have the opportunity to experience these things. And they love that. Dare to fail, to make mistakes, learn and grow up from experience and the mistakes that may happen.

Bui Dinh Thang, part of the marketing staff who, after many years of sticking to the position that previously no one occupied for more than a year, said that "The Coca-Cola training and orientation programs, as well as the programs that Coca-Cola has done for new and young employees have helped me a lot in developing myself for my future career in the company. At Coca-Cola, it's not just about having a beautiful workplace, a creative job -- it’s about you, you will be allowed to try, to fail, and to succeed after gaining those experiences.”

Thang in an activity at Coca-Cola Vietnam
Thang said that after joining Coke, he felt more enthusiastic and determined. Previously, when Thang encountered a problem that can not be resolved, he often made excuses. However, after four years at Coke, Thang shared the belief that other people also agree with: Nothing is impossible, as long as you step out of your comfort zone, as long as you want to show others your interest, as long as you try, analyze the data, and prove that it works. This is achieved through a culture of empowerment.

Three years ago, Thang quite unexpectedly was entrusted by the company to implement large projects to expand the rural market. “My boss said, ‘This is the company's project, the money is from the company, but I want you to try and find out which field you are good at. You have the right to handle the problem.’ Thanks to the trust and encouragement of the boss and the support of colleagues, Thang and his team brought Coca-Cola products across the regions to serve their consumers.

Now, Thang still receives empowerment, but at a higher level. “Then, I continue to empower others. Such empowerment is spread to create an ecosystem where everyone is motivated to promote their own capacity.” As Van, Thang, and other Cokers said, Coca-Cola may not be the most perfect place among a lot of businesses, but this is a really great place for young people who want to challenge themselves, grow up, and be recognized.

"Super Hero Squad" of Coca-Cola in community activities