Thanks to its continuous efforts to solve societal issues, protect the environment,t and empower women, Coca-Cola’s EKOCENTER initiative was honored with the En Xanh award on October 25th. This award is a testimony to the positive impact that Coca-Cola had through its sustainability initiatives.

Coca-Cola is one of the companies honored at this year's En Xanh Award

On 25th October, EKOCENTER received the 2019 En Xanh Award, Vietnam’s first awards ceremony honoring the best business initiatives that aim to build a humane and sustainable community. First held in 2017, the En Xanh Award this year included a concert in tribute to the human values of the business community. Being honored at the 2019 En Xanh gala is a testament to Coca-Cola’s efforts to solve environmental issues, develop a sustainable community, and most especially, to empower women.

EKOCENTER is Coca-Cola’s global sustainability initiative, which aims to bring four main benefits to the local community: clean drinking water, women empowerment, the development of cultural and spiritual life, and environmental protection. As Coca-Cola’s first Integrated Community Support Center in Vietnam, EKOCENTER was established with the mission to improve local people’s life quality and financial dependence as well as to create practical impacts on the economy, culture, and society.

Free drinking water for Ben Tre’s residents

One of the major impacts of the projects is to solve issues about water usage and the consequences of climate change. By the end of 2018, the project has provided 2 billion liters of clean water to over 70,000 residents, as well as supported the conservation and restoration of 450 hectares of flood-based livelihoods. That the EKOCENTER project being honored at the 2019 En Xanh is thanks to these impressive figures as well as its positive impacts on the community. This award plays an essential role in attracting more partners to cooperate with Coca-Cola on the journey of community and societal development.

“We are happy to have clean water to use and have a community center to gather and have fun. The women in the area have the opportunity to chat, play sports, and shop at the kiosk. We hope there will be more centers in other places as well to bring these benefits to the whole community” – said Ms. Hong Tham - a resident at the Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City.

EKOCENTER – the place that enables the dream of thousands of women

Undoubtedly, EKOCENTER does not only meet the demands of numerous households but also make the dreams of thousands of women come true, proven by many inspiring and touching stories. One of them comes from Ms. Do Thi Chuyen, who used to be a poor housewife and economically dependent. However, thanks to the business operation and management training of EKOCENTER, she has gradually increased her income, afforded to take care of her children and became one of the 3 women managingthe  EKOCENTER in Duyen Thai. With 11 EKOCENTER centers in 11 provinces and cities across the country, Coca-Cola has made the dream of 13.000 local women, like Ms. Tham and Ms. Chuyen, come true. This project has reinforced women’s social status and improve the economy in disadvantaged areas.

Cola-Cola’s representatives at 2019 En Xanh gala

“The EKOCENTER project has been receiving support from numerous social enterprise partners and local authorities, and the local people. This is one of Coca-Cola’s leading Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The 2019 En Xanh award is a testament to our ongoing efforts. Coca-Cola will continue to bring the best solutions, as well as constantly create more positives changes to the community and society,” said Ms. Le Tu Cam Ly, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability (PACs) Director of Coca-Cola Indochina.

In the future, Coca-Cola will continue to spread the inherent values of this project by building more EKOCENTERs in the remaining provinces as well as providing more digital services such as online libraries and audio books. Coca-Cola’s journey of humanely sustainable development seems to never end.