Every place in the S-shaped country has interesting stories about food, about how the cooks put their heart into the ingredients and make good food. One of those places, Da Nang has its own food stories!
Arriving in Da Nang on the last day of April, the purpose of everyone is to visit some famous tourist destinations. But for better understanding the culture of the land, it would be regrettable if not to mention about the cuisine, and especially the hands that make them.
Here, let's put aside the story of reputable chefs. We will only talk about the people whose food they make was remembered by international visitors as must-try specialties, but their names are just mentioned in small street corners. And to listen to a series of stories about those people, about the passion to make dishes which are famous everywhere, we do not need to try hard to find the street stalls under 30 degree heat.... We can visit a place called the Coca-Cola Street Food Festival!

It was just a scene of one morning but so crowded. 

Stopping at a stall with the words "Hai - Phu Hoa Minh", unlike most of the stalls here with an eye-catching decorative wall behind: pictures of familiar streets with electric poles and bougainvillea. This stall sells penne with pork soup and vermicelli with marinated char-grilled pork made by Do Thi Minh Hai (Member of Hoa Minh Women's Union, operated in EKOCENTER center of Lien Chieu District). Ms. Hai said that she doesn’t make these two dishes regularly, but she is still confident to share: “Trying to make the dishes that I’ve never made before is interesting! I think I got score 8.”

"The owner" and the dishes which are made from 3am.
As a highlighted point, this woman of the Central Viet Nam agreed to participate in this food festival not just for business purposes, she considered it as an opportunity to challenge herself. Having fun talking during free time, she did not forget to invite me to taste peanuts grown from her home garden.
She is also proud to share that whenever there are long extracurricular trips for kids in her local area, she is the person entrusted with the task of cooking for the others. There are trips that lasted up to three days, but they bring lots of fun to her. Cooking is really her passion, it brings both difficulties and interesting experiences.

Good cooks will know how to make good food, even if it is the first time they cook it.
As neighbor stall of Ms. Hai, Ms. Nguyen Thi Luyen (Chairwoman of Phuoc Ly Branch, Women's Union in Hoa Minh Ward) always carefully wears gloves to take food for guests. Every paper bowl or paper plate was carefully separated and placed as a pride. She said: "A few days ago, my sister and I attended a training course on food hygiene and safety at EKOCENTER community center. After learning, my knowledge is broadened. It is amazingly that a pair of gloves or a paper plate will make a person feel more comfortable while they are eating”.

"I cannot remember how many pieces I sold from the morning until now!" - Luyen said happily when she concentrated on selling for a people row waiting.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Phung (Chairwoman of the Trung Nghia Branch, Women's Union in Hoa Minh Ward) shared that she had never worked for two long days like this. From 5am, she had to wake up to prepare food. She said: "Knowing Coca-Cola sponsors a stall in Street Food Festival, my sisters were so excited, they told me they want to go with me to see how it different from selling at home. In two days, my stall was always crowded. Thank Coca-Cola for giving a chance for female members in EKOCENTER to come to a professional and civilized selling environment like this!".
Who says sellers do not like to learn, do not like to approach new ways? In contrast, they are always excited and eager to update knowledge, challenge themselves through daily work. Cooking can be a job for Ms. Luyen, Ms. Hai, and Ms. Phung, but it may be a pleasure for other women at the festival. But anyway, the way they care for each part of their food shows that they put their heart into it. It is said that the look comes before the taste. Women at the food festival today have also contributed to the definition of clean and tasty food. Accordingly, they have contributed to shaping the culture of a region, a city which is on the rise.