Just like we confess if we love someone, it is also the same when the customers have the interest and trust for a brand, they will have billions of ways to express it. This article will tell the story of how the "kings" of different generations give love to Coca-Cola - a beverage brand that is closely connected with the lives of many Vietnamese people.

Numerous ways to express love for the brand

In case you do not know, Coca-Cola’s customers have formed a "fan club" named Coca-Cola Chapter. Currently, the club has a presence in 50 countries and regularly organizes intimate gatherings. It is from these activities that Coca-Cola unites more people and create more close friendships regardless of cultural and linguistic differences. An example is the story of Mr. La Hung (Vietnamese) and Mr. Tony Hu (Taiwanese) who both own an impressive and diverse collection of Coca-Cola product models and types. Each time they meet, they passionately share their collections and enthusiastically talk about the same love for the brand.

Mr. La Hung‘s "impressive" collection of Coca-Cola cans

Besides the above ways of expressing their love, there is another way only a "true fan" will do. That's what Mr. Long - who has been called “the witch that bring cans to life" has been doing for years. Using cans to create lanterns for Mid-autumn Festival, make toys for the children in the neighborhood, or in exchange for delicious ice creams during summer noon, etc. are no stranger to the 80s and the early 90s generation. Through the ingenious hands of Mr. Long, those cans are also transformed into many monumental "works" that can be meaningful gifts on special occasions. “I am happy that the Coca-Cola cans that seem to be no longer valid can bring happiness to many people. I think I'm not an artist at all, I just create joy with the Coca-Cola cans,” said Mr. Long.

Mr. Long has brought Coca-Cola cans to life with his own creations

Coca-Cola - connect, connect, and continuously connect

In a small survey conducted in Ho Chi Minh City, when asked to tell a keyword that popped right in their head about Coca-Cola, most of the participants had the same answer with the word "connect", which shows the effectiveness of the communication strategy in connecting millions of Vietnamese consumers, bringing values ​​of joy, happiness, and optimism in life. This strategy has been "realized" by Coca-Cola through creative communication campaigns, bearing the impression of connectivity.

Many exciting campaigns resonate with customers such as "Trao Coca-Cola – Kết nối bạn bè" in 2014. Originating from the fact that people are gradually becoming apart, having less time for face-to-face conversation, Coca-Cola launched 95 different packaging versions, including 8 expressions to address someone you have close relationships with (Daddy, Mommy, Honey, etc.), 67 proper names, and 20 unique personalities, and organized many activities that encourage people to exchange positive emotions and fun in life. The Coke has led millions of customers to "hunt" Coca-Cola cans to connect with relatives and friends.

During 25 years of development, Coca-Cola has always been a brand associated with cultural beauty, attached to the lives of Vietnamese people, and prominent as a close companion in the culinary culture who satisfy the needs and hobbies in eating and drinking while experiencing the culture of young people. The Coca-Cola Asian Food Festival is one of the most popular events, especially awaited by young people from many regions. The cuisine of Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, and Japan, as well as Coca-Cola cans, have satisfied millions of gourmet hearts. This is an opportunity to connect those who love food, enjoy hunting for gifts and play hard as well as love capturing the moments.

Moreover, Coca-Cola also brings exciting experiences to consumers with innovative, new, and different approaches. Two outstanding campaigns that have won the gold prize at the MMA Smarties Award 2019 – the prestigious awards of Vietnam Mobile Marketing Association -- are "Song in bottle" campaign of Fuzetea+ and "Coca-Cola Chiều bừng hứng khởi" campaign.

By surveying the interests and needs of young people for today's "trends", Fuzetea+ did not hesitate to create a song with a combination of 3 hit songs in Vietnam to lead customers into a story that combines 3 flavors of Fuzeatea+ products. "Touching" the consumers through music, but still ensuring the trendy, dynamic elements to bring the positivity and optimism is how Fuzetea+ has "won" the hearts of Vietnamese consumers.

The trio of Truc Nhan, Suni Ha Linh, and Karik have made millions of young people all over the country enjoy youth

As for the “Coca-Cola Chiều bừng hứng khởi”, the brand reconnected with customers through football in a new way – augmented reality (AR) technology. During the past few years, the love for the Vietnamese national football team has become the "Ace" of many media campaigns, and Coca-Cola is also part of the game. The brand wants to accompany sports fans in a unique way. When the players score, they will perform the “jig dance” dance of Coca-Cola, and the fans will be able to watch this by scanning the logo on the cans. This is also the first time AR technology is activated on the website platform in Vietnam.

For the first time, AR technology is activated on the website in Vietnam

After all, there is a two-way love between Coca-Cola and its customers. From the customers’ side, they have 1,001 ways to show their love for the brand. From Coca-Cola, the brand creates many initiatives and efforts to connect with customers. The affection that this hundred-year-old brand receives will be the motivation for Coca-Cola to continue breaking through with more cohesive projects in the future.