Coca-Cola has received multiple awards at the prestigious Global CSR Awards 2020 for the company’s ceaseless efforts towards the environment, community and innovative products.

Centered around the theme “Rebuilding Towards Resilience”, on September 15, the world’s leading Thought Leadership event on CSR – The Global CSR Summit & Awards & The Global Good Governance Awards esteemed the worldwide companies demonstrating a strong and outstanding commitment to CSR activities despite global challenged posed by Covid-19 pandemic. Of the 120 participating companies, Coca-Cola remarkably welcomed 4 prestigious medals as follows:

  • GOLD medal for Best Environmental Excellence Award,
  • SILVER medal for Empowerment of Women Award,
  • BRONZE medal for Best Community Programme Award,
  • BRONZE medal for Product Excellence Award.

A global player with a long history and whose aim is to refresh the world and make the difference, Coca-Cola has continuously made efforts to protect the environment, create community’s well-being, empower women as well as innovate products. It has been a well-known fact that for so many years, the established partnership between Coca-Cola and various NGO’s global and local alike has manifested in a wide range of beneficial community programs that bring about positive changes to local people.

During the past 10 years, Coca-Cola Vietnam has contributed over USD 4 millions to water projects in partnership with WWF, IUCN, CFC, so as to provide the community with clean water while preserving the water resources to the locals. Such efforts have reaped increasingly outstanding achievements while being very much demonstrative of our core commitment: “For every drop we use, we give one back.”

Additionally, 12 EKOCENTERs units under flagship program launched by Coca-Cola in 5 years, become the hotbeds for sustainability activities of Water, Women, Well-being and Plastic Waste Management in Vietnam, thoroughly integrated and prioritized to meet the rising demands.


Likewise, in order to tackle plastic waste challenge, in 2018, Coca-Cola launched the World Without Waste initiative based upon the three strategic pillars of Design, Collect and Partner. We are the first beverage producer moving to 100% recycled plastic (rPET) package for Dasani water bottles (500ml). We also work together with our partners in many public education and awareness partnership programs such as the Zero Waste to Nature initiative with VCCI, the Fostering Creativity for Recycling Awareness project with UNESCO and the British Council, the Plastic Action Network initiative with NGO Greenhub and recycling education programs at our network of EKOCENTERs...

In 2019, Coca-Cola Vietnam and other consumer goods and packaging companies aligned to form an industry-led coalition called ‘Packaging Recycling Organization Vietnam – PRO Vietnam’. The coalition aims to take specific actions to minimize and segregate packaging waste at source and ramp up collection-for-recycling of used plastic packaging in a sustainable way. While we recognize the progress we have made against our 2030 World Without Waste sustainable packaging goals, we are also committed to do more and faster so that we can grow our business the right way.

Last but not least, the company’s product development, in response to customers’ changing tastes, has continuously introduced a wide range of new products while reducing sugar content in order to meet healthier product catalogue as well as effectively responding to nowadays’ health concerns.

Therefore, our enduring efforts and resulting recognition by various worldwide, prestigious awards such as The Global CSR Awards 2020 have indisputably demonstrated the company’s long-term and consistent commitment in creating shared values for the local communities through successful business operation as well as sustainability projects. Coca-Cola’s success can never be achieved without the tremendous and invaluable support and fellowship from all of our staff members, stakeholders and valued partners. Our journey into the future cannot be complete without you and we look forward to exploring even further.