Unlike the swallow wings that often bring spring in poetry and music, the Golden Swallow has its own special way to spread spring buds to every home.

Spring often comes with incredible emotions and joy. The usual worries and frustrations suddenly make way for bright smiles. We easily ignore the small contradictions of everyday life, ready to open our hearts to those around us to have a happy new year together.

The warm spring atmosphere also inspires people to remember the moments of reunion with family, gathering by a tray full of delicious foods. Temporarily leaving aside the struggles and thorns out there, we just hope to come home soon to feel the peaceful love from our family.

But for many people, the word "reunion" on Tet is still very unreachable.

Out there on the S-shaped land, there are still people worried about not being able to have a full Tet tray of food or a ticket to return home in early spring. Because in real life, there is no fairy or the Buddha. Fortunately, those pieces of life still find miracles from a familiar spring figure - the "Golden Swallow Wings".

Spring comes, swallow flies, bringing spring buds weaving in every corner

For a long time, the Golden Swallow is not only a symbol of Tet that adds color to the living space, but also spreads its wings across the three regions to send spring fortune and joy to people of special circumstances.

In 2007, the Golden Swallow first made the dream of "bringing spring, sending fortune" come true. The joys and tears of happiness of the people when receiving the gifts helped the Golden Swallow realize that the road it was taking was really meaningful and worthy. That was also the driving force for the journey maintained from then until now.

The Golden Swallow still remembers the first year that there were red trucks traveling through the North - Central – South regions, spreading across 7 provinces and cities during Tet 2014. The gifts were not flashy but only contained practical items such as rice, cooking oil, confectionery, soft drinks, and supermarket coupons. Yet the Golden Swallow received the most valuable things: the clanging peals of laughter filled with happiness, a thank you mesage from the bottom of the heart when "Tet is less of a worry".

One, two, three and many years after that, the gifts filled with the joy of Tet have spread faster and wider throughout the country; each year, thousands of gifts have been given away. However, the Golden Swallow wondered, was that enough? Perhaps deep in the heart, the Golden Swallow hopes to be able to do more than just "sprinkling the spring buds".

The times of valuable "empathy" on the journey of the Golden Swallow

After many trips to directly give presents to people with difficulties, the Golden Swallow was often dumbfounded by the extreme poor circumstances. A few bags of rice and sugar still could not help them get out of poverty. What they lack was a "fishing rod" that helps open up a future that is no longer under hardship.

Hence, in the 2017 Tet holiday season, besides the familiar practical gifts, the Golden Swallow also presented 10 special gifts with the total value of over VND 200 million for 20 families under poor circumstances but always being full of courage and dreams in Hanoi, Da Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City. They were the gifts to help start up a business, support their study, and serve as the "fishing rod" to help more households better move forward on the journey to escape poverty.

The Golden Swallow therefore could be more relieved every time it thought of "hunger, poverty". There was only one thing that the Golden Swallow couldn't stop worrying about: there were children with ulcers all over their bodies, and old people who were sick all year round without the help of medicines. When the food was not enough, they almost had no right to think about buying medicines, let alone medical treatment which was much more expensive.

Free medical examination at EKOCENTER. Source: VOV

These concerns urged the Golden Swallow to provide free medicines and medical examinations to those under special circumstances throughout the North, Central and South regions (2017). In addition, the Golden Swallow also offered clean water for the locals’ daily activities. Hopefully in every trip, what welcomes the Golden Swallow would always be faces radiant with smiles and full of vitality.

Just like that, after each trip, the Golden Swallow had better understanding of the feelings of the poor people. Their concerns include the anxiety of being able to reunite with families during the Tet holiday for students living far away from home. The children probably did not want to break their promise by saying "Mom, I will not be able to come back this Tet," or the worry of "Going home without gifts”.

In 2019, such feeling turned into a surprised happiness when the Golden Swallow and some organizations partnered to organize the spring trips, taking poor students home to celebrate Tet holiday. Each ticket was given out with a gift from the Golden Swallow, wishing every family a prosperous and happy Tet holiday.

Not only creating great joy in the early spring days, but the Golden Swallow also cherished many dreams and spread that special feeling by building more "swallow nests" - EKOCENTERs in 12 provinces.

This is the "swallow nest" dedicated to meaningful cultural, environmental, and charitable activities. The Golden Swallow is proud because since then, Tet holiday programs have grown and people own an additional place to reunite in the spring.

Tet Canh Ty 2020, the Golden Swallow returned on the journey to connect every home

This year, the Golden Swallow also spread wings tirelessly to bring new joy to those living far away from home across the South and North regions.

In Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, the Golden Swallow invited more than 3,000 people to join the parties to connect families. It was for people to meet, stay closer together in the warm new year atmosphere, and also to make the souls living far away from home have less nostalgic feeling. At the same time, the Golden Swallow also did not forget to send warm gifts to people in 19 provinces in the North-Central-South regions.

Her first time participating in the program "Happy Tet Gifts with Coca-Cola (Quà vui Tết cùng Coca-Cola)", Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Hang (brown shirt), living in Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau District, could not help crying with tears of happiness and joy. “This year, thanks to the lucky gift from the Golden Swallow, I will be able to buy my kids new outfits for Tet. My children will no longer be laughed at by friends because of ‘wearing only two shirts over and over again’.”

Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mien (in purple shirt), living in Hoa Tho Dong ward, Cam Le district, was also touched when attending the program. This year, in addition to the joy of being united with friends, she also received a gift from the Golden Swallow to give lucky money to grandchildren at the beginning of the year.

From 2017 to 2018, the total value of Tet gifts from Coca-Cola Golden Swallow has reached over VND 7.5 billion. By 2019, more than 35,000 gifts with a total value of more than VND 14 billion have been given across the provinces and 12 EKOCENTERs were also built across the country.

After the 15-year journey, the Golden Swallow today has become familiar with the roads throughout the North - Central – South regions. After each trip, what the Golden Swallow received was the understanding, sympathy, and more sense of social responsibility. The Golden Swallow believes that giving also means receiving because sharing is like a fire overflowing with vitality, which can spread joy and unite every home.

“Celebrating Tet with Coca-Cola (Vui Tết Cùng Coca-Cola )" is an annual activity of Coca-Cola Vietnam which has been implemented since 2007. Accordingly, every Tet holiday, Coca-Cola Vietnam will give Tet gifts to households with difficulties across the country as a wish of a prosperous, happy and more complete Tet season to everyone.

As of 2019, more than 35,000 gifts with a total value of more than VND 14 billion have been given in the program. This year, it is expected that more than 2,500 Tet gifts will continue to be given with a total value of VND 1.25 billion.

The coming of spring with the presence of the Golden Swallow surely will be full of joy. And the Golden Swallow is always looking forward to the spring days to come to extend the meaningful journeys.