For the first time ever, Coca-Cola has gathered over 2,000 people in HCMC in the Asia’s Longest New Year Table, at 810 meters of total length, while in Hanoi, another equally stunning dining table has an impressive length at 520 meters and 1,100 participants. Together, the marvelous events attempt at spreading the beautiful message of connection during Vietnamese Lunar New Year.

Beautiful message widely spread both online and offline

As a global brand with local knowledge, Coca-Cola more than ever acknowledges and certifies that the core value of Vietnamese Tet lies in the spirit of togetherness, and that the season is ever meaningful when the hearts and souls come together, manifesting in the family reunions, friends and neighbors gatherings and community connection.  Better than ever, like a Tet painting comes to the canvas of reality with a number of heartwarming moments have been captured during the event such as beautiful young children donning their most beautiful ao dai being kissed and blessed by their grandparents, or a 4-generation family decking-out in uniform dresscode, or groups of young people posing and taking adorable group photos. Together, thousands of the characters in the canvas sit at the dinning table with joy and satisfaction. Truly and unquestionably, the fall of invisible barriers within each and every family encourages them to once again feel the warmth of connection and unity.

Since the beginning of this festive season, a variety of activities in this IMC Campaign have been implemented acrossing channels either online or offline including mass media, social media and on-ground events. Since the genesis of the message, the spirit of connection has gone viral amongst over 4,000 contestants, successfully engaged famed artists and celebrities, moms and youngsters via a captivating social challenge called “Connect Your Neighbours”, sparked over 200,000 discussions within 5 weeks. Beyond that, the spirit of connection has materialized in real life in the form of this first time ever Longest New Year Table where thousands people came together and made beautifully joyful connections.

Unexpected excitement along the longest table

Amidst heart-warming stories collected along the Longest Table, two families from both parts of Vietnam told us about their feelings towards this very special occasion. Mrs. Vu Thi Vinh: 

“Throughout almost a lifetime, this is the very first time that I can be next to everyone, from my child, daughter-in-law, to grandchild, all attending a year-end party as solemn and crowded as this. Extremely moving! Young people often claim that Tet is no longer special like it used to be, as the delicacies and fancy clothes are no longer hard-to-find items like before. However, for elders like myself, Tet is much worth looking forward to. When it arrives, beloved families, grandchildren from everywhere, in and outside of the country, may reunite and sit together after a long, hard-working year. No moment can be more precious than such!”

Another family from Hanoi demonstrates that even elders are equally willing to attend big parties and see new people.“My parents rarely attend crowded places, so at first I thought they would be very shy. None would have expected they could be so excited to join the party! Our whole family not only spent time together but also got to know and make friends with other families. It is 3 more weeks before Lunar New Year, however, seeing the happiness amongst them, how they are dressed and chatting happily, it feels like Tet is happening now”, said Ms. Thuy Linh.

The above stories is just two amongst thousands stories of connection at the events which surely be spread more widely on social platform and perhaps during other Tet dining tables. The spirit of connection continues to transmit to an even greater scale when Coke Squad teams join hands to support various communities in the neighbourhoods to organize their own Tet parties. Furthermore, this spirit has been perfected as it extends towards the underprivileged families in poor-stricken communities across the country, through EKOCENTER Long table platform.

With fascinating results gained after 6 weeks of implementation, Coca-Cola remains firmly at the helm of cultural leadership, and they even elevate the connection spirit to a completely new height. At the very core, the value of connection within a family has been inherited and well reserved through years and history. Not stopping at that, the spirit has become a viral phenomenon, spreading and reaching towards people surrounding the families to their friends, peers and neighbors. Lastly, let the yellow swallow become the messengers of this wonderful message.