Taking the 2nd position among manufacturing enterprises in the 2019 sustainable enterprises ranking by VCCI is a demonstration of Coca-Cola Vietnam’s relentless efforts during the past 25 years. Continuously innovating in business as well as in initiatives for the community, Coca-Cola has made a great contribution to the socio-economic development of Vietnam, in line with its commitment to bring the best to wherever Coca-Cola goes.

Contributing VND 3,500 billion average annual GDP, offering over 80,000 jobs to Vietnamese people

Coca-Cola Vietnam has conquered millions of Vietnamese people over the past 25 years with our creativity and unique thinking. Identifying ourselves as a "global brand with local knowledge", our company has constantly researched and improved our products to satisfy the needs of nearly 1 million customers and partners nationwide.

Coca-Cola is among multinational corporations that have made great contributions in Vietnam, which is reflected in the recent indicators reported by PwC from 2016 - 2018. Each year, CCBVL Vietnam contributes an average of VND 3,500 billion to the national GDP, equivalent to about 0.11% of the national GDP. Our company has created an average of 80,076 jobs, of which 2,370 annually resulted from direct operations of CCBVL, with VND 2,400 billion in wages and benefits paid to employees; 77,706 indirect jobs resulted from our supply chain.

With our "localization" strategy for the supply chain, currently, up to 91% of CCBVL’s suppliers were domestic suppliers, which means most of the cost of sales comes from the domestic supply. To create a sustainable business community, Coca-Cola has provided opportunities for SMEs with support and cooperation programs throughout the years. In addition, Coca-Cola also pays attention to the position of women-owned businesses in our supply chain. The goal of 50% of Coca-Cola Vietnam's suppliers being women-owned businesses is our company's five-year vision. Recently, at the "Positioning Women Entrepreneurs in the Global Supply Chain" forum, Coca-Cola Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support women-owned businesses to participate in the supply chain.

The efforts of our business have been acknowledged and demonstrated through prestigious awards. Coca-Cola Vietnam ranked first in Corporate Transparency Award by Labrador. Further, in 6 consecutive years, Coca-Cola Vietnam was among the Top 10 Best Places To Work in Vietnam by Anphabe Company.

Coca-Cola Vietnam's talent recruitment programs bring about special impressions for businesses

Creating green values ​​for the environment

In 2017-2018, Coca-Cola Vietnam contributed VND 86 billion to social and environmental issues with many outstanding initiatives. Regarding the environment, Coca-Cola pioneered in the beverage industry by announcing an ambitious goal. By 2030, CCBVL will collect and recycle a bottle or can for each one we sell through the action of design, collection and cooperation within the framework of the "World Without Waste" initiative. By 2025, Coca-Cola Vietnam aims to achieve that 100% of our packaging is recyclable, and by 2030, Coca-Cola’s packaging will have an average of 50% recycled content.

Coca-Cola Vietnam also puts the issue of clean water as one of the top priorities of our business. Between 2015 and 2018, 31.8 billion liters of water offset to communities and nature with 82,000 direct and indirect beneficiaries gained access to tap and drinking water.

Our company has invested VND 6.8 billion (2015-2017) to develop and implement an Ecotourism Development plan, including Tram Chim tourist area; and invested VND 4.6 billion to the flood-based livelihood project in the Mekong Delta, which brought many positive contributions to the locality. Conserving flood retention area of ​105.6 ha through piloting of lotus farming system in An Giang and Dong Thap province is a special highlight of this project.

Lotus farming system of the flood-based livelihood project in the Mekong Delta

Extending the journey of sustainability development

With the leading goals of our business including "Water - Women - Quality of Life - Packaging waste management", Coca-Cola has also spread our sustainable values ​​through large-scale projects, including EKOCENTER - Coca-Cola's global sustainability initiative. Based on providing 4 main benefits to the local community including clean drinking water, women empowerment, the development of cultural and spiritual life and environmental protection, 11 EKOCENTERs throughout the country are operating as a social enterprise model and have been creating positive values ​​for the local community.

At EKOCENTER, local people can use pure water with a supplied capacity of 60,000 liters of clean water every day.

Recently, the EKOCENTER project has been honored in many awards such as the Sustainable Development Award, the CSR Award (awarded by Amcham) and the En Xanh Award. These awards are the demonstration of the positive impacts that Coca-Cola Vietnam has created through these initiatives.

Ms. Le Tu Cam Ly, Public Affairs, Communications and Sustainability (PACs) Director of Coca-Cola Indochina, received the Sustainable Enterprise Award 2019, top 2 in manufacturing.

Through extending our sustainable development as well as constantly innovating, Coca-Cola Vietnam has been bringing positive values ​​to the community in the next development journey.